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12 Guardians: Abraham – In the Beginning Book 5 by Tim Hamblin

Ex-guardian Saul learns about his new driving friend Zig while the pair transport the Guardians to a safe place for their jump.

David and Miriam manage to co-ordinate their jump to meet up in the times of Jesus and spend their trip tending Miriam’s flock. But when her replacement is murdered and they have unexpected visitors in the night, they may not be in for the relaxing jump
they anticipated.

New Guardians Ben and Aly are sent on their Reckoning, their mission to protect a young boy and his family from the Sixx’s interference. But the young boy has an important future and the Sixx resources are thick on the ground, which proves to be
quite a daunting task for the newest duo.

Meanwhile, Salome and Isaac spend a quiet jump looking at Abe’s old journals, gaining an insight into his life before he met his life. But as they prepare John the Baptist for his trip to the Jordan River, Salome feels pangs for home that she can’t ignore.
Preoccupied by the new life growing inside her, she rides to Nazareth, where she is left reeling when Jesus makes a revelation that could destroy the Guardians’ faith in each other and their mission.

12 Guardian Series

Book 1 – Alpha and Omega
Book 2 – John the Baptist
Book 3 – Saul

Save Money Buy 12 Guardians The First Three (Includes books 1-3)

Book 4 – The Nest (includes the short story Austin)
Book 5 – Abraham: In the Beginning

Genre: Christian Fiction Suspense Thriller / Urban Fantasy
Length: ~ 90,000 words
Coming Soon: 12 Guardians Book – (Spring 2014)