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12 Guardians The First Three – Books1 – 3 by Tim Hamblin

The Sixx are evil incarnate. Their mission is to alter history by ensuring Jesus is never crucified – changing the world as we know it. In their way stand The Guardians, intent on stopping them by any means necessary.

When things go bad in Hazard, Kentucky, veteran Guardians Salome and Saul recruit David Sigmond, an ER nurse, and Isaac Smyth, a children’s preacher, to their cause. The new Guardians are drawn into a dangerous adventure when The Sixx attack right before their very eyes. With new skills and powers thrust upon them, they find themselves journeying further from home than they could ever have imagined – over 2000 years back in time.

Scattered through the ages, the haphazard group do what they can to thwart The Sixx; Isaac and Salome are sent to protect John the Baptist, teaming up with Guardian Shagmar along the way. David is sent on his Reckoning, where he finds an ally Guardian Miriam. Saul is stuck in present times, dealing with the loss of his Guardian powers, but still doing what he can to combat their deadly foe. But will all of the Guardians survive their personal battles and The Sixx?

Leap into the action with parts 1-3 of this exciting new Christian suspense thriller in this great omnibus edition.