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25 Animal Stories (25 Exciting and Adventurous Stories of Amazing Animals) by Uncle Amon

Are you an animal lover? Do you like going on adventures?
#1 Best Seller Children’s Book Author, Uncle Amon

This book is excellent for reading aloud or at bedtime! Follow these stories about some of your favorite animals and baby animals! There are stories about kittens, zebras, alligators, dinosaurs, ducks, geese, elephants, fish, foxes, frogs, horses, lions, tigers, and a grouchy rabbit! These animals are from all walks of life and all over the planet.

This beginning reader’s eBook includes vibrant pictures and text, 25 adventurous stories, and is a wonderful book for the whole family!

This book:

Contains 25 stories
Provides hours of entertainment and family bonding time
Has a clickable Table of Contents (for easy navigation between your favorite stories)

** Get 25 STORIES for the same price others charge for just one! **
Why pay the same price for only one story? You get 25 stories!

Animal Stories (25 Fun Stories for Ages 4-8) is an excellent book for your child. The cute pictures and easy-to-understand text is great for reading aloud or before bedtime. Beginner readers will enjoy reading the stories aloud during family time!

Story List:
Counting Puppies
Ali’s Secret
Ray of Sunshine
Zoey and the Big Race
Zoey’s Fundraiser
Zoey has the Chicken Pox
Tiny Little Bee Learns a Lesson
Basket of Kittens
The Baby Kittens Help Momma
The Hungry Dinosaur
Counting the Stars
Spot Goes Camping
City Ducks and Country Geese
Too Big for his Clothes
Fish Walker
The Tale of Funny Fox and Wacky Wolf
The Ugly Frog and the Handsome Toad
The Small People and Their Big Pony
Wild Horses
Tiger Tales
The Lion’s Roar
The Little Piglets
Carrot Stew
The Tired Old Lizard
Turtle Salad