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$.99 book! Triple Heaven: Will the Earth’s Past and Present Meet to Decide the Future? by

Triple Heaven is the thrilling conclusion to the Arkhetype series by Charles Grotsky. We recommend you read Arkhetype first as it is the first book in the series.

Triple Heaven is a science fiction adventure that you’ll always remember. It’ll probably change how you see the world as well.


Sharra gazed out of the large window in his quarters. He had never grown tired of the splendid view even though he had seen it his entire life. There before his eyes lay the enormous bright orange ball of Anshar or, as the humans called it, Saturn. Its surface was swirled with ever changing forms and patterns as storms, fueled by strong winds, swept gigantic clouds through its atmosphere. The gas giant dominated the blackness of space and a myriad of stars brilliantly twinkled through the countless rings which seemed to go on forever. He sighed at the sheer beauty of it all.

Still a young man by long-lived Anunnaki standards, Sharra was an instructor of Early Earth History for intermediate students. He lived on the great skyship NARU. It was seventy-two miles long and thirty-six miles wide and high. Its shape was rectangular. The NARU had been in a geosynchronous orbit around Saturn for millennia. It was aligned with one of Saturn’s large moons named Duranshar. The humans called it Titan. Sharra looked at the yellow-orange moon below him thick with clouds that obscured its surface. He thought about his two visits there. The first was to attend the Assembly of the Great Council. As an Anunnaki Prince of royal lineage, he had been an honored guest. The second occasion had been as a student at the Great School in Anduruna. His study was the early history of the Anunnaki on Ki, or Earth. He often thought of his happy times there and the friends he had made. He longed to return someday.

Now everything had suddenly changed. The Signal from Earth, long awaited and dreaded at the same time, had finally been received. This could only mean that the kimah, or tomb of Ziusudra, also known as Noah, had been discovered. All Anunnaki knew the story. Noah, along with many conspirators, had saved the DNA and living specimens of Earth at a secret base on Titan. Lord Enlil had refused to stop his gold mining operations on the slopes of a live volcano despite entreaties from many scientists. The volcano had erupted and caused the southern ice sheets to melt. There had been a devastating flood on Earth which annihilated almost all life. According to the Anunnaki belief that history repeats itself a worldwide flood could destroy Earth once again. Sharra had been chosen to join a select crew of four other Anunnaki. Their mission was to take a kavod to Earth and investigate the situation. The kavod was a smaller ver- sion of the larger A.R.K.’s. Each one of the crew understood that the long held policy against direct interference must be upheld unless the possibility of a real and immediate catastrophe existed. They were to meet shortly with the representative from the Ashtar Command. Sharra had also petitioned an appointment with The Nommo because there were so many questions to ask before he left. He turned from the window and continued to pack for the trip ahead. “I’m going to Earth”! he thought to himself and smiled. He could barely contain his excitement.

About The Author

Charles Grotsky has had a lifelong interest in unexplained mysteries, alternative history, archaeology, ancient aliens, and new science.

The concept for a book caused him to leave an active life in the San Francisco Bay Area twelve years ago and move to the peaceful island of Kauai in order to write his first novel, “Arkhetype” and its conclusion, “Triple Heaven”.

The story is based on the writings and research of the late Zecharia Sitchin and weaves military weaponry, lost civilizations and scientific fact into a spiritual science-fiction, action-adventure novel.

When not working on his latest book Charles works as a photographer on Kauai.