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Altar Making: An Active Meditation for Healing Your Heart and for Deepening Spiritual Meaning in Your Life

Can Making Your Own Altars and Shrines Make You Happier This Holiday

Can creating them bring more sacredness into
your life?

“Making an altar may
not make all your wishes come true, but it can make you really happy and bring more
peace into your holiday season,” William Wittmann says.

Amazon reviews

“This book is a wonderful source of calm and inspiration and I’ve
put its contents into practice in many places in my home, including one on each
of my bedside tables. Nothing fancy and all with things I’ve found outside or
already had. An easy, thoughtful way to stay in touch with myself.”

reader says:

“Altar Making shows you how to
bring the sacred into physical form. In easy to understand terms, William helps
you create with your spirit, altars in your own personal style using what has
importance and meaning to you.”

Remember how much fun it was to build things
with Legos or blocks. Just imagine how nurturing it can be to build your own
sacred altars and shrines.

When you create your own altar, you feel that same pleasure that you felt as a
child. And when you bring in the Sacred, your satisfaction deepens.

You may also find that your connection to the innocent heart of your inner
child deepens and sweetens in this sacred practice of altar making or shrine

This lovely book will walk you through the whys and hows of altar building.

In addition to my insights, I have seven friends, spiritual teachers all, that
disclose their private experiences with building altars. Their contributions
will feed your heart and expand your horizons.
They give you a wide range of surprising insights you will not find
anywhere else.

Just imagine how nurturing it can be to
build your own sacred altars and shrines. I recommend you get the book and
nurture your soul.