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An Amish Awakening

An Amish Awakening by Rick Leland

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More than just another going to Heaven story. More than one more Amish book being thrown into the mix.

Airbrushed Amish this is not. The gritty collides with the glorious. Blunt bullies tenderhearted. And the blood of Jesus’ never fails.

Churches filled up. Crowds gathered when they found out that this Amish man would be speaking at an Amish person’s barn or workshop. And countless people dropped by his home unannounced. They wanted to hear his story.

This is the true story of Mark Paul Troyer. Yes, it’s the story everyone wanted to hear. And the book: An Amish Awakening, is Mark’s life—story. His amazing story. An Amish story like no other.

With tragedy and triumph—the book that was nearly stillborn because of controversy and emotions has come to life. Three and a half years after an abrupt halting of publication; it was time—God’s timing. Now An Amish Awakening is ready to shine. “Awake, O sleeper. And arise from the dead…”

The Story? As Mark puts it, “One day at work I was caught up into a whirlwind.” And taken to Heaven. And so much more.

From the author of the Jesus at Walmart trilogy. Rick Leland.