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Baby Animals: 25 Cute Animal Stories (Excellent for Beginner Readers & Bedtime Stories) (Childrens Book: Animal Reading Series) by Uncle Amon

Does your child love animals? What about cute baby animals?
#1 Best Seller Children’s Book Author, Uncle Amon

This book is excellent for reading aloud or at bedtime! Follow these stories about some of the cutest baby animals on Earth! These are 25 fictional stories that will take you on adventures, make you giggle, and have a few “awwwe” moments along the way!

This beginning reader’s eBook includes vibrant pictures and text, 25 adorable stories, and is a wonderful book for beginner readers!

This book:

Contains 25 stories
Provides hours of entertainment and family bonding time
Has a clickable Table of Contents (for easy navigation between your favorite stories)

** 25 STORIES at the price of just one! **
Why pay the same price for only one story? You get 25 stories!

Baby Animals: 25 Cute Stories is an excellent book for any child that loves fun stories about baby animals. The cute pictures and easy-to-understand text is great for reading aloud or before bedtime. Beginner readers will enjoy reading the stories aloud during family time!

Story List:
Baby Giraffe Saves the Day
Bright Florescent Colors for Baby Chameleon
Photo Shoot with King Elephant
Baby Crocodile and the Big Teeth
The Intelligent Ducklings
Bath Time for Tulip
A Cold Swim for Baby Penguin
Bottom of the Ocean
Goats Eat Anything
Baby Chipmunk
Zippy Shark
Baby Hawk on the Mountain
A Playpen for Puppies
Alice’s Mother and the Sly Fox
Hide and Seek
Hedgehog Job
The Kitten That Was Different
Baby Dolphin
Bamboo Stand
Oscar the Octopus Finds Treasure
Our Name – Puffer Fish
Piggy Problems
The Boring Life of a Walrus
Baby Geese
The New Dog and Her Puppies

Guaranteed to leave a smile on your child’s face!