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Cancer Cure – When Chemotherapy is Not the Only Option for Cancer Cure by Vichara Chen

Is Chemotherapy the only Option for Cancer Cure?

Let me share a story first. A friend of mine found out that he has lung cancer. He went through the surgery and several rounds of chemotherapy. He was suffering and weak. After the treatment, the tumor has been successfully removed and cleared from his body. While he is so relieved and happy, the doctor told him that the cancer has relapsed with more aggressive. He went through another round of chemotherapy and radiation but it just can’t stop the spread of cancer cells. He looked worse and worse. After a difficult fight for a few months, he died.

Is the scenario above sounds familiar to you? Let us find out why would this happen.

Cancer is a class of diseases characterized by uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells in the body. Cancer may affect anyone of us.

Cancer begins in cells, the basic building blocks of the body. Normally, cells grow and divide to make more cells as they are necessary to maintain the health of our body. However, the growth and division of cells can go wrong. These abnormal cells are what we called cancer cells.

The sad truth is, Our Body Produces More Than 200 Cancerous Cells Everyday!

Usually, our body immune system will recognize the cancer cells and eliminate them from our body. This is a natural process of our immune system. If the cancer is growing, that means our immune system is not functioning well or being suppressed.

Chemotherapy is a kind of treatment that will attack the actively dividing cells such as cancer cells, hair, nails and even our white blood cells, which are the key players in our immune system. The chemotherapy will make us very sick and can induce permanent damage to various part of our body especially to the reproductive organs.

So, is chemotherapy the only option for us to deal with cancer? Can we reactivate our natural immune system to fight with the cancer?

In this “Cancer Cure” book, we are going to show you some proven steps and strategies to make our immune system function well and naturally eliminate the cancer cells in our body. You will find out that chemotherapy is not the only option for cancer cure.

Remember! Our body is designed to heal itself. Our immune system can keep us healthy.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

Are Physical and Physiological Activities Important for Cancer Cure?
What are the Good Foods for Cancer Patients and Cancer Survivors?
What are the Foods that will Induce Cancer Growth?
What Kinds of Exercises that Useful for Cancer Cure?
What Kinds of Lifestyles are Suitable for Cancer Patients?
Step-by-step on promoting and generating traffic to your business blog.
Is Psychological State Important for Cancer Cure?
Activate the Social Life.
Much, much more!

Download your copy today and start to learn about cancer cure without chemotherapy instantly!

Author Bio:
Vichara Chen is a young cancer researcher who specializes in leukemia as well as tumorigenesis. He started his cancer research since 2009 and has published few professional research papers in medical journals. He has written a lot of articles related to cancer research on his blog with the hope to help more people to understand more about cancer.

He strongly believe that cancer is not something that scary and incurable. It is just the occasional errors occurred during the cell division in our body. The body produces cancer cells every day which will be removed by the immune system naturally. In order to effectively get rid of cancer, we have to boost up our body immune system.

He has been invited to join the Pogo Book Publishing group to share his view on cancer to the digital content readers.