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Canning And Preserving: How To Can, Preserve, And Store Your Food In Jars

Canning And Preserving
How to Can, Preserve, and Store Your Food In Jars

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Canning is a process where we seal food or drinks in jars, then heat them to destroy microorganisms that cause spoilage. It’s the same concept that the food industry undertakes to put food, such as soups or vegetables, in cans and sell it to the consumer. With home canning, you are in charge of all the ingredients as well as the taste and quality of your food.

This book will cover:

Canning Safety
Methods and types of canning
Canning Equipment
Types of food to can
How to Prep your food for canning
The canning process
and much, much, more

When we say canning we actually mean jarring, but the conventional method of canning gets its name from a food preservation method introduced by the French in the 1800s. We see this applied today, all over the world, to canned soups, peaches, beans, and so on today. The home method of canning differs in some ways, but the main principle is still the same.