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Chakras for Beginners by Jessica Robbins

Chakras for Beginners: Learn how to Heal your Life through Chakra Balancing

You’re about to discover the science behind our body’s energy centers called the Chakras. Although the chakra concept has been widely accepted and practiced in India and other Eastern cultures, it has only recently gained worldwide recognition. While there are a number of techniques – exercises – that are beneficial to cleanse the body and make it healthy and fit, the chakra balancing is effective in cleansing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing of a person. While these ideas and techniques do not bring in any side effects, they would – similar to any other body-mind balancing technique – be effective only when you firmly believe in them. The Chakras help you understand your real self, express yourself, accept others, learn higher concepts of life and living and get in touch with your inner God.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

Origin of the Chakra Philosophy
The Chakras and the Human Aura
The Healing Power of the Chakras
Why Chakra Cleaning is Important
The Seven Chakras of Life
Seven Chakra Balancing Approaches
Chakras and Colors
Chakra Reflexes on the Foot
And much, much more!

A Bonus Chapter on Sacred Breathing Technique is included!!!