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Children’s Rhyming Picture Book: EZ as 1-2-3: Come Learn About Bugs A-Z by Kathryn L. Novak

There are A bugs, and B bugs, you will even find Z bugs!
(2 Great Educational Lessons in Just 1 Book)

Children will have a great time reading fun bug facts
while learning their A-B-C’s, and expanding their vocabulary.

EZ as 1-2-3: Come Learn About Bugs A-Z
A Charming Children’s Picture Book by Kathryn L. Novak
(Absolutely Adorable & Educational Children’s Rhyming Picture Book)
(Read Aloud ages 2-3, & first reader ages 4-5 and up)

This buggy children’s picture book is filled with brightly colored pages and delightful insects of all shapes and sizes so cute even the smallest child will enjoy them. Kids of all ages will have loads of fun learning new things about bugs they know, and about bugs they’ve never heard of.

Parents may learn a thing or two as well…

1. Which beautiful blue bug is now extinct?
2. Did you know that there’s an ant that’s not an ant, but is a wasp in disguise?
3. What bug has a very large brain?
4. Have you heard about the wiggly insect that has several hearts, but no lungs?
5. Which insect acts a lot like a bat?
6. How about that independent ladybug that lays and hatches eggs with no mate?

You’ll find the answers to all of these questions and more, in this delightful rhyming picture book for children. Don’t forget this is also an A-Z book that teaches children the alphabet as well. This book is as beautiful as it is educational. Every single page is fully illustrated with brightly colored images, and adorable little bugs.