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Children’s Story: Fruzzle’s Mystery Talent: A Bed Time Fantasy Story for Children ages 3-10 (Fairy Tale) (Children’s Book: Fruzzle’s Mystery Talent: A Bedtime Fantasy Story for Children 3-10)

Fruzzles sure look different than us, but deep down we all have a lot in common. We see others with great talents and we wonder what ours will be. Everyone of us has a special talent to discover and Fruzzles are no different.
Meet “Brown” Fruzzle and follow along as “Wizard” Fruzzle helps him to explore the many different talents. See if you can help Brown figure out what his talent is and find out if he ever discovers it.

Bonus: After you read the story, go back and see if you can find all the swirls, beginning with the town. The answer is on the copyright page.

“Fruzzle’s Mystery Talent” is an adorable fantasy children’s book, written especially for children 3-10 year old kids. This Fruzzle book is great as a bedtime story or any other time. In addition, this book has life lessons like teaching the child to not give up and dealing with self esteem issues (explaining that we are all special in our own way). You will find it is also filled with bright and cheerful illustrations.
Happy reading and we hope you enjoy. We also welcome reviews. Thank you.
This book is suitable as a read aloud book for preschooler at bedtime or as a self-read children’s book for older children.