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Chocolate Lovers: A Collection of Chocolate Quotes, Sayings and Scrumptious Chocolatey Facts by Rachel Robins

Chocolate lovers – enjoy a specially chosen selection of chocolate quotes, chocolate sayings and mouth-watering chocolatey facts.

Chocolate lovers will instantly recognize the pleasurable sensations of biting into a piece of glossy, heavenly scented chocolate, and feeling it slowly melt in their mouth, as it temporarily transports them to another world.

Discover why chocolate is so satisfying, why we crave it so much, and to how create exquisite chocolatey moments.

Written by a self-confessed chocoholic, for chocoholics, the book takes a light-hearted look at the amazing properties of chocolate, and the positive effect it has on our lives. It delves briefly into the history of chocolate, explores the wonderful health benefits of raw cacao, and what to look for when choosing and creating fabulous chocolate goodies.

Inside the book we take a look at:

• Why chocolate makes you feel so happy
• How chocolate can influence love and friendships
• Healthy and scrumptious ways you can eat chocolate every day
• What steps others take to bring chocolate into your life
• Which chocolates create the most smooth, velvety, melt-in-the-mouth moments
• Easy ideas for chocolate lovers to create gorgeous, chocolatey drinks
• Simple steps for melting, dipping and cooking with chocolate
• Dreamy ways to be indulgent with chocolatey beauty treatments
• Irresistible tips to enrich your life with endlesss chocolate goodies

Plus, the book is packed with:

• Chocolate quotes by famous chocolate lovers
• Chocolatey sayings that’ll make you go mmmmmmmmmm
• Little-known facts about chocolate, and it’s special powers
• Mouth-watering photos of tempting chocolate delights

As Betty Crocker says – “above all – think chocolate”

So, join us, and celebrate the awesomeness of chocolate. Grab your copy today, settle down with your favourite chocolate treat, and indulge your chocolate passions…