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Dance Your Ass Off: Chronicles of a Part Time Stripper by Ciara Spanx

Ever wonder what a stripper thinks about when she’s bending over with her ass in your face? Or what really happens behind the curtains of a lap dance booth? Ciara Spanx will straight up tell you. You will go onstage with her, into the dressing room, and out to the bar of a small, divey but sweet strip club full of skater dudes, bikers, creeps, queers and cuties. And, if you’ve never been to a strip club, prepare to enter one. You will at once be drinking dirty martinis and sipping cheap beers, talking to half naked girls about love, work, politics and hockey games.
Ciara is both funny and real as she leads you through day and night shifts from start to finish, relaying thoughts and conversations with all the folks that pass through this tiny hole in the wall. Dance Your Ass Off is like reading her balls-out diary and at the same time, like being right there with her. Only you don’t get to take home the money.