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Dealing With A Depressed Person: Coping With Someone With Depression or an Anxiety Disorder (Mood Disorders) by Amber Rain

Help For Friends and Family Members Dealing With Someone Who is Depressed

Everything you need for dealing with a friend, spouse, child, boyfriend, girlfriend or family member who suffers with depression or anxiety is in this book. This is “NOT” one of those short books that lacks substance. NO! It is filled with proven methods for coping with someone who is depressed.

From The Author, Amber Rain, On Coping With a Depressed Person

“All of us are hit with the blues now and then, and that’s not unusual. When we are challenged or hit rough spots in our lives, most of us are inclined to say that we are “depressed” without giving it a second thought. But upon scrutiny, we have to know that depression is much more than just feeling sad. In fact, depression is a condition that causes you to feel much more than sadness.

People with depression also feel hopeless, insignificant, and helpless; and these feelings can dominate for days, weeks, or even longer. Depression affects normal functioning, and can start to affect the various aspects of life in general.

When we find out that someone close to us has depression, we may feel at a loss with regards to how we can help and how we can reach out. To be able to help someone with depression, we should start with knowing what depression is, and how it affects someone in daily life. If we take that extra step to arm ourselves with the knowledge that we need to help the people we care about, then we may very well become an important factor in their recovery and healing process.

This book is formatted in a way that is easy to digest, and each portion of the content will give you information in quick tips that are easy to read, understand, and apply in real life.

While depression is a difficult condition to deal with, there are ways to overcome it. As someone trying to help someone cope with depression, you’re taking on an important role. Arming yourself with knowledge is one of the most important steps you can take to help someone you care about, and it is our hope that these tips have given you a basic foundation of working knowledge to help you and encourage you to make the effort to learn even more about the condition, grow, and help your loved one heal and be well.”

Tips From The Book On Dealing With A Depressed Person

Tip 34: When you talk to a depressed person, it may seem that they don’t care about what you’re saying or what you’re doing. It may be hurtful to be treated this way, but the important thing is that you don’t take this personally. When this happens, remind yourself that losing interest in daily activities is actually a symptom of depression. Instead, you can be honest and tell them that you notice their lack of energy or enthusiasm. This will help them become conscious of how they’re behaving, and will help them open up to you about what they’re really feeling.

Tip 3:
Those struggling with depression can’t be told that the condition is “only in their heads”. The condition doesn’t only affect thoughts and emotions, it eventually affects the physical, emotional, and social well-being of the individual as well.

A Look At The Chapters From The Book On Dealing With Someone With Depression