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Debauched: A Rogues (Mis) Adventures in Thailand (Bangkok Girls Collection) by Sean Clarkson

“I’m well travelled and still learned some very practical travel tips that I’ve stated implementing.” Nathaniel Ginsburg

“Hilarious fun and great tips for adventurous guys heading to Thailand. A fun read and well worth the price of admission. Mr. Powers

“…the strategies for dealing with girls was invaluable.” Craig Gaither

What would happen if Hunter S. Thompson were reincarnated and unleashed on an alcohol-fueled rampage through Thailand? Find out in this page-turner of a novel from Sean Clarkson. Sean is just back from the war in Iraq to find his wife in bed.. with his best friend. Chaos ensues and Sean books a one way ticket to Thailand to meet up with a cast of crazy degenerates. Based on a true story.