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Dick’s Holiday Diabetes Cookbook (Dick’s Diabetes Cookbooks)

A Must Have Diabetes Cookbook for the Holidays
This book is designed for diabetics and their families who want to enjoy great food during the holiday season.
You’re a diabetic and you want to have great holiday meals for you, your family and friends. However, you are faced with needing a diabetic diet to meet your low sugar, carb free, etc. problems. Then you need Dick’s Holidays Diabetes Cookbook.
By following the recipes in this cookbook, you can be assured of providing mouthwatering holiday meals, including the celebration of Hanukkah, which will please everyone’s palate.
As a type 2 diabetic, who loves to cook, the author was faced with the same problem of finding delicious holiday menus family and friends would enjoy and yet keep his diabetic diet. He solved it by researching, reviewing and trying many diabetic recipes in keeping with the traditions of the holiday season. In this diabetic holiday cookbook you will find appetizers, main course dishes, desserts and holiday cookie recipes that have been tried in the author’s own kitchen or by friends and family members. There also are recipes for Hanukkah. The recipes are easy to prepare and have been selected based on their excellence. Everyone, diabetic or not, will enjoy these special recipes.
What are the diabetic holiday recipes like?
If you are planning a great holiday meal for your family or entertaining friends, you may want to begin with an appetizer of holiday meatballs with a ginger-orange dip. Then follow the appetizer with a peanuts and applesauce-stuffed beef tenderloin entrée. You will probably want to serve a nice cabernet sauvignon to complement the meal. Then for dessert, how about serving a great blueberry crumb cake. These recipes and many more are included in Dick’s Holiday Diabetes Cookbook and all recipes meet the requirements of a diabetes diet.
This book is number four in a series of Dick’s Diabetes Cookbooks located on Amazon’s Kindle. The series includes diabetes cookbooks for fish and poultry, beef and pork and sides and salads. There will be more diabetes cookbooks in the series in the near future.
How are the recipes presented?
The cookbook is divided into several sections; appetizers, entrees, desserts, cookies and Hanukkah and latke sections. Each recipe provides the preparation and cooking time, comments by the author, a listing of the ingredients and detailed preparation and cooking instructions.
In addition, each recipe lists the nutritional information which includes; serving size, number of calories, amount of sugar (if any), amount of fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium and protein, and dietetic exchanges. You will not have to guess or assume how healthy each meal is for you.
What makes Dick’s Holiday Diabetes Cookbook unique?
The author loves to have a glass of wine with his meal. In his research he found an American Diabetes Association report stating that moderate and controlled alcohol consumption is not forbidden. This report is included in the cookbook. With this report in mind, the author has included a suggested wine that compliments each entrée.
Why you need this book
The holidays are a joyful time of celebration and great meals. No matter whether you’re an experienced cook, a beginner or you want recipes for your cook; this book will give you a terrific collection of the very best holiday diabetic recipes. Using the recipes in Dick’s Holiday Diabetes Cookbook will quickly gain you the reputation of a top notch home cook with a flair for great diabetic food for all to enjoy.