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Discovered by E. D. Brady

As Layla Sparks experiences the trials and tribulations of first love, she is unaware that the object of her affection is keeping secrets — deadly secrets!

Eighteen year old Jay Logan is not what he seems. Handsome and enigmatic, he captures
Layla’s heart but fights hard to resist his attraction to her. Being with her could lead to the unveiling of a life-altering secret he’s worked diligently to protect. When he can no longer deny his feelings for her, he unwittingly turns her world upside down, forcing her to question everything she’s ever held as true.

While Jay introduces Layla to his inconceivable world, a ruthless gang of murderous thieves manage to uncover the riddle behind his bizarre life and plot to steal his most prized procession; a substance so potent it could unravel the fabric of human existence. When the band of thugs set their sights on Layla, Jay must make a decision – give them what they want, or risk the life of the girl he loves.