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Do More, Better, Faster & Happier: How to Boost Energy for Happiness and Productivity

Do you wish you had more energy to be productive and enjoy the things you love? This book is a collection of tips on how to improve energy levels, productivity and happiness. The author has condensed years of learning and practice, filtered for the best advice, and presented it in an easy to read and actionable way.

Energy comes from three sources: mind, body, and sleep. Each of those three sources break down to several components. There are a wide range of topics in this book, because there are so many aspects of life that contribute to our energy, happiness, and productivity. In fact, many are interrelated.

Topics covered in this book include:
-How to Boost Mental Energy
-How to Get Out of Bed Faster
-Nutrition for Energy Gains
-Fitness for Energy Gains
-How to Boost Willpower and Avoid Procrastination
-How to Avoid Fatigue and Cure Burnout

Improving your energy levels can have a tremendous effect on your productivity, self-confidence, happiness, and more. If you want to get more out of life, read this book.