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Dog Training: 25 Essential Skills for an Amazingly Well Trained and Obedient Dog or Puppy

The key goal of this book is to channel your dogs energy into a positive outlet and create

avenues in which your dog can excel. We want to set our dogs up for success. And create

training situations where skills will always be strengthened and the outcome is always

positive. The best way to teach is through positive training because its what keeps your dog

listening and interested. Dog learn best when they want to learn. This book shows you how

to optimize your dog’s energy to create constructive behavior. Channeling constructive

behavior is the key to obedience. Directing your dog’s actions towards productive behavior

is crucial and this book will guide your dog through each tier of each training technique in

order set your dog up for excellence.

This book aims at tackling the most common dog owner problems and excels in

teaching this long list of skills:

* Teaching Your Dog to Not Jump up on Visitors

* Teaching a Puppy to Sit

* Teaching a Puppy to Lie Down

* Getting Your Dog to Listen Better

* Stop Pulling on Leash

* Separation Anxiety

* Exercise

* Teaching Fetch

* Teaching Leave It

* Teaching Come

* Stop Digging

* Stop Begging

* Stay

* Potty Training a Puppy

* Deterring Bad Behavior / Herding Technique

* Stop the Door Dash

* Harboring Correct Feelings about the Kennel

* Stop Puppy Biting

* Barking

* Calm in the Car

* Training Your Dog to Be Good around other Dogs

* Aggressive Behavior

* Why you shouldn’t Roll Over Alpha

* Off the Table and Outta the Garbage

* Off the Furniture