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Dreamcue America: Fun Broadcasting’s Dream Upfront Television Transcript by Dreamcue Staff

Estimated Reading Time: 30 mins to 3 hrs plus.

A TV book with no commercials! A book so special, you won’t be able to put it down…the toilet!
(As a particular host has suggested.) It could get ugly.

And in ugly times, only beauty can save you.

Spend 1 evening in NYC and use that time to dream for a lifetime.

What is the American Dream? Talk show host Goozman thinks the American Dream is a big joke, since it doesn’t really exist. Bandleader Roxan disagrees and thinks the dream exists in the eye of the beholder. Goozman decides to put her “crazy claim” to the test.

Join them as they attend the DREAM UPFRONT in NYC, the 2012-2013 programming lineup presentation of FUN BROADCASTING, home of the HAPPIEST SHOW on Television. Will Goozman get his question answered on how to attain fame, fortune, and power? Or will the evening end up simply becoming a total waste?

Includes full paper games of DREAM ROYALE word cross search and ALPHABET$ word cross link.

For viewers age 14 and older.