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Easter Bunny! Easter Book for Children by Uncle Amon

Does your child love Easter?

The Easter Bunny is making his rounds! What goodies and treats will he leave in your basket?

With all the fun activities, Easter egg hunts, and talk about the Easter Bunny, Easter can be an exciting time of year for your little one.

Easter Bunny! Easter Book for Children (10+ Easter Stories for Kids: Volume 1) is an excellent book for reading aloud or at bedtime. These cute stories are all about the Easter Bunny and his adventures. Each story is beautifully crafted to provide morals and lessons in each tale. This early and beginner reader eBook includes vibrant pictures and text, 10+ stories, and FREE downloadable Easter coloring book pages.

Story List:

Easter at the Farm
The True Meaning of Easter
Easter Chocolate
New Easter Dress
Easter Around the World
Easter Bunny Gets Cold Feet
Coloring Easter Eggs
Easter Egg Hunt
The Easter Train
Here Comes Easter

** 10+ stories for the same price others charge for one! **

Contains 10+ adventurous Easter stories
Includes FREE downloadable coloring book pages
Has a clickable table of contents for easy navigation


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