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Eating Clean in a Dirty World: An easy to follow guide to cleaning up your diet for life

Eating Clean in a Dirty World

“Do you want to learn how to buy clean, healthful foods, but don’t have time to search the internet for all the information?”

“Have you been looking for a way to clean up your daily diet, but are confused by all the labeling and buzz words in today’s food marketing?”

“Do you want to know which foods are safe to buy conventional and which are best to buy organic?

The foods we buy in most grocery stores are often full of pesticides, chemicals or artificial ingredients added at some point during the growing, raising or packaging process.

Stop wandering around the grocery store not really knowing what you are buying. This guide will provide you with the best tips for navigating the grocery store and choosing only the cleanest foods.

This guide is intended for people beginning to eat clean. It is a SHORT, NO FLUFF guide to starting a clean eating way of life.

You will quickly learn to use simple tips to choose the best quality food for your health. You can apply these tips at restaurants and farmers markets or any place you purchase food.