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Ensnared, A Tale of Fairies #2 by Eric Zimmerman

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Ensnared continues the adventure of Laurel and Maggie, as they deal with the shocking discovery of fairies, goblins and other, even stranger mystical creatures, a world that Laurel now finds herself a part of.
Not only do they have to figure out how they fit into this fantastical new fairy tale world, they also have to find out how they fit into their own world; a world full of cliques, crushes, bullies and boys. A world that, at times, can be an even weirder place to live.
Come along on their journey as Laurel tries to put her two worlds into perspective and Maggie is lured ever deeper into a world where she is completely blind.
Will they be able to fit into either world, or will they be, Ensnared by forces beyond their control?
Ensnared is the second book in the acclaimed, A Tale of Fairies series. Be sure to read the first book, Abloom, available exclusively from Amazon.com.