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Erotic Story Collection: Volume 1 by Brian Parkinson

WARNING – Adults 18+ only: This book contains graphic depictions of sexual encounters. All participants are fictional and over 18 years old. Intended for reading by adults 18+ only.

6 Erotic Stories by Brian Parkinson

Sleeping College Girl (Short Story: 6,500+ word count)
When his daughter invites her nineteen year old college friend to stay for the weekend, an older man hears them discussing the friend’s habit of falling into a deep sleep from which she can’t be roused. Unable to resist the opportunity to have a peek at a cute girl’s naked body, he sneaks into her bedroom on the Friday night to play with her. When she doesn’t awaken it emboldens him to more and he goes into her room on the Saturday night to play with her again. His desire for a college girl is unleashed to lead him on to more.

The Sexting Tease (Short Story: 5,300+ word count)
When a college girl gets a text message from her new boyfriend, describing what he is fantasizing about her, it leads to an exchange of messages that turns increasingly erotic. When an invite comes for her to cut her afternoon classes and go to her boyfriend’s home, it is too good an offer to refuse. It’s only when she gets there that she realizes she has been set up and that it is not her boyfriend that has been sending the messages. Turned on by the idea of what she finds when she arrives, she goes all out for an afternoon of wild sex.

From Friendship to Lust (Short Story: 5,200+ word count)
When a friend of her older brother breaks up with his girlfriend and comes to stay at their home for the weekend, a young woman helps to try and cheer him up. When she catches sight of him in nothing more than a towel after a shower though the glimpse of what he might be packing below makes her think of a novel way to help take his mind of his breakup. With her interest aroused as to just how big he is she can’t resist the temptation to go to his room on the Saturday night. Sneaking inside she finds him sleeping in the nude and takes advantage to give him an erection. When he wakes up his surprise gives way to lust as he is used by a pretty girl eager to have some fun with something big.

Bath Time Escort (Short Story: 5,300+ word count)
When a shy girl is forewarned that her friends have booked an escort for her on the eve of her birthday as an early present, she finds herself getting excited at the thought of seeing some muscular male flesh. When he turns up earlier than expected she is still in the bath with a face mask on and finds herself embarrassed when she opens the door to let him in. Asking him to wait, she finds him following her into the unlocked bathroom with a couple of bottles of beer. It leads to her enjoying some bath time fun where the beer is used for so much more than just drinking.

A Sleeping Girl’s Diary (Short Story: 5,500+ word count)
When his daughter gets involved in a foreign exchange student program, an older man finds himself a little infatuated by the cute Japanese girl that comes to his home. Cleaning her room one day he spots her diary and can’t help taking a peek. The revelation that she is a heavy sleeper that dreams of being used by a man fuels his fantasies and he starts to go in her room at night. He becomes increasingly bold as he gets away with what he is doing only to find it’s him that is being used when the cute girl reveals that the diary is a work of fiction she wrote to trick men into giving her what she wants.

College Girl Show (Short Story: 5,500+ word count)
The temptation of being hooked up with a guy that sports something that is more than impressive in his pants leads to a college girl agreeing to be the center of attention at a frat party and put on a sex show for the people attending. While that’s the way it starts, she is quick to find out that the watching crowd want to see a girl being used by more than one man. Too turned on to stop what