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Everything about Rabbits: Including an Exhaustive List of Rabbit Breeds

Everything about Rabbits is an e-book on the care of rabbits as a whole; from basic housing, feeding, care of nails and teeth, to selecting the best breed to get. This book includes an exhaustive list of all the rabbit breeds accepted by the American Rabbit Breeders Association. Certain rabbit breeds make better pets than others, much the same way as in the dog world. It’s important to research this before getting a rabbit, so you have the best experience possible.

It also includes detailed instructions for building your own rabbit hutch if that is the route you want to take.

In short, rabbits are amazing animals that make great pets. Some are raised for their wool for spinning, 4H projects and other reasons. Whatever they may be, rabbits need proper care for a healthy, happy animal.

The one topic it doesn’t cover is the aspect of breeding rabbits, this is more of a book for pet owners than those getting into breeding programs.Author Bio:
I love writing on a variety of topics for home, family and children’s books. I’ve raised two sons, grown now and have 4 beautiful grandchildren and currently work a day job as a full time nanny to an adorable little boy, who has inspired several of my children’s books.

I’ve been an avid organic gardener for many years, including having my own dried floral business. I grew unusual, cool plants that I used in this endeavor.

I have a strong creative bent in life and find if I’m not creating something, and learning new things really at all times, I feel like something in me begins to shrivel up.

Writing helps me share many of these passions I’ve learned along this life journey. My hope is that it is a blessing to all who read my books.