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Exercise Through Your Golden Years: Reduce pain, increase mobility and flexibility and have greater freedom and independence in the golden years through exercise and fitness by Marcus Chacos

Stay fit and strong at any age

The “Golden Years” are most often described as the time of life after retirement from work. This could be age 65. It could be earlier or later. What’s important is, irrespective of your age, it is important to remain mobile, active and healthy in those years.

In Exercising Through the Golden Years we will answer:

• Why exercise is so important as you age
• Common conditions of the elderly that exercise can help with
• How to work with your limitations, and
• Set (and achieve) meaningful health and exercise goals.

As well as detailing a complete exercise program for the golden years that will show you how to get fit and healthy, no matter your age by incorporating stretching, strengthening and conditioning exercises, as well as:

• How to raise the bar for better results
• Maintaining results, and
• Having fun through variation

More and more people are defying the odds and really enjoying exercise as they get older. They are finding that if they focus on the right types of exercise and work within their own limits that they can get a lot out of it. The payoff is tremendous—and this book will show you how!

Meet the authors and receive free training at: www.goldenyearsexercise.com.au.