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Fart from the Heart (Picture Rhyming Book: Perfect for ages 4-8) by Uncle Amon

Fart from the Heart is a cute and hilarious rhyming book about farts. What would happen if farts came from the heart? The world would be a much happier place! Share some love and give someone a fart from the heart!

Excellent for ages 3-8
Silly rhyming picture book
Over 25 “guaranteed to make you giggle” illustrations!

** WARNING: Your child will laugh hysterically. Parents will too!!! **

Uncle Amon’s main mission is to bring you joy and laughter through his books. Laughter is what makes the world keep spinning!

“Imagination allows us to explore new worlds, create new life, and push the boundaries of creativity. Never lose the inspiration of the child you once were.” -Uncle Amon