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Flamingos (Animals Around the World) by Karen de Leon

Teach Children With Beautiful Images and Easy-to-Follow Words

What child doesn’t love learning about new animals – especially ones that can be seen in zoos around-the-world?
Animals Around the World

Animals Around the World Series was created for children who love reading about interesting animals, especially ones that they might be able to see in a local zoo or while on vacation. Whether you’re reading Flamingos on a Kindle Fire, iOS device, or black & white tablet, the images are stunning, and the text easy enough for a child to comprehend, or be read to by a parent. Each photo is captioned to enhance the reading experience.
What Your Child Will Learn

Flamingos will give your child a look at the fascinating life of a flamingo, including

what they look like
where they live
the foods they eat
what their babies look like
their social life
conservation efforts
how they sleep and groom

Featured in the book are:

Greater Flamingo
Lesser Flamingo
American Flamingo
Andean Flamingo
Chilean Flamingo
James’ Flamingo

There’s even a “What Did You Learn About Flamingos?” section so you and your child can talk about these exotic birds.
Available Only at Amazon

Flamingos is sold exclusively through the Amazon Kindle store and can be viewed on any Kindle or by using the Kindle app on any iOS or Android device.

Written by a children’s author who specializes in animal books, Flamingos is guaranteed to take you and your child on another Animals Around the World adventure!