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Fruit Infused Water – 80 Vitamin Water Recipes for Weight Loss, Health and Detox Cleanse by Patrick Smith

The Fruit Infused Water Handbook

80 Recipes for Fruit Infused Water to Lose Weight and Live Well

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Fruit infused water is the practice of combining the health benefits and taste of fruits, herbs and vegetables with water. Also known as vitamin water, it allows you to replace sodas, juice and other sugary beverages with healthy drinks that are just as delicious.

In the fruit infused water handbook, you will find zero-calorie, low cholesterol recipes that boost your metabolism and help you lose weight. In addition, there are many recipes that help clean and cleanse the body of toxins. They are great in combination with liver detox programs and any detox diet. Also, if you have an interest in natural herbal remedies, this is a way to use herbs to your benefit in a simple way.

Fruit Infused Water Can Replace Any Soda

Here is a brief overview of what’s inside:

80 fruit in fused water recipes for weight loss and health
25 vitamin water recipes that boost your metabolism
25 fruit infused water recipes perfect for the gym and summer
30 fruit infused water recipes with detox properties that are perfect for detox cleanses, liver detox and more
No sugars, low cholesterol, no calories, no alcohol
Natural herbal remedies in the form of water
Much more!

As a health coach with a passion for fitness and nutrition, fruit infused water has accompanied me for a long time. Vitamin water is perfect for losing weight and getting nutritional contents at the same time. They also make a great counterpart to smoothies, not to mention how delicious they look. A glass pitcher filled with a mixture of water and fruits is an exotic thing to serve on parties and always gets a lot of attention.

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Get this book and join thousands of people that already use these vitamin water recipes to lose weight and live healthy lives.