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gardening secrets-discover the secrets how to create quickly amazing organic garden-step by step guide with pics by doctor garden


in this organic Gardening Beginner’s Manual-i will teach you step by step and with clear and simple explanations how to create an organic garden, even if you know nothing about gardening.

If you want to eat healthy vegetables. If you are concerned with you and your family’s health and don’t want vegetables filled with poisons and chemicals to enter your body, then this is the book for you.
“ A very well written informative book full of helpful information! ” Cindy
“ A great book for the beginner gardener, or someone wanting to become more organic with their garden. ” Noemi Buttler

Growing vegetables, spices and fruits allows you to avoid using chemical composts, insecticides, hormones, and antibiotics. All of which have been found in non-organic crops.

you are going to learn many simple tips and techniques which will help you start your own organic garden
In this step by step guide,Denny Hamlin, expert gardener, will teach you:

What the best place is to start your organic garden

Which vegetables are good for organic gardens during each season

Setting the ground for an organic garden- learn how to do it right

Tips and techniques for the right composting for an organic soil

Why is it important to use organic fertilizer?

What nutrients are needed by the soil?

A lot of Essential Tips for Planting And more…

In this manual I gathered tips and techniques from over 20 years of experience , to help you in your organic garden with simple explanations and illustrations.