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Genosimulation (a science fiction conspiracy technothriller) by Liron Fine

Amazon Best Seller | Technothriller and Science Fiction Categories
A genetic time bomb is ticking inside us. Only one man can disarm it.
A young computer genius, a former Haredi, is sent by his rabbi to infiltrate the most secret biological laboratory in Israel. When he discovers he is about to develop the same cancer that killed his father, he turns himself into a human lab rat, trying to find a genetic cure. Outwitting his superiors, betraying all he holds sacred, he unravels an even darker secret threatening to destroy all humanity. Can he save his own life? Can he save yours?

is a genetic engineering sci fi that will keep you on the edge of your seat, from its unusual beginning till its frightening conclusion. Is it a genuine record of reality? You will most likely start digging for info on the web, coming to some mind boggling conclusion yourself. If you loved The Atlantis Gene by A.G Riddle you will love that, too.