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Get Your Hand Out of My Purse! I’m Not Giving You My Money! by Crystal Moradi

This book was inspired by the stories of many women who I have met over the years. It is about their challenges, failures, and successes. Their moving stories motivated me to write this book to help other women understand how every choice they make can either help or destroy their retirement. Learn from their inspiring and heartbreaking stories. I know they will want any woman who reads this book to be aware of the “wolves” that can, in the blink of an eye, wipe away hopes and dreams of her retirement. Discover the secrets to personal empowerment and what you need to know to find your own yellow brick road to financial inner peace.

This book will help you understand the complicated relationship between you as a woman, your money, and your financial professional. Many women go through life with the illusion that their future is secure just because they set aside money for retirement and have a financial advisor who they believe has their best interest in mind. Many women don’t ask the right questions, don’t demand the right answers, and are routinely pushed away from being involved in the most important dream
of their life… their own happily-ever-after.