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H2O Diet: How to Eat, Drink and Exercise by Richard Porter

This will not be for everyone as it is not your typical diet book

You get basic advice that your doctor told you : exercice, stop smoking, don’t overdue coffee or alcohol, eat your fruits and veggies, stop eating junk food and of course, drink eight glasses of water a day. The section on exercice does give you basic moves but note that there are no pictures in the kindle edition.
Change Your life

The water diet encourages you to change your life from within so that you will make the better choices for yourself. You are not required to change drastically all your foods, start an exhausting exercice program or start restricting calories.
Helpful information about water how powerful it is when we use properly for our body inside and out.
Inspirational and Motivating

This is a great book about diet and exercise and teaches you what to eat and it’s benefits. Very Inspirational and motivating and will definitely made a difference make​ the way you eat and feel. It explains the benefits of alkaline water and the uses for acidic water as well. Helps understandingHelps in understanding​benefits of alkaline Water. The book covered all the areas regarding ionized water and pH balancing. You will discover the positive message motivating .
Now claim your copy and live better