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Halloween: FREE Coloring Book and Games Included (20+ Halloween Stories & Ghost Stories) (Halloween Stories for Kids) by Uncle Amon

Are you brave enough to read these scary ghost stories, spooky tales, and crazy adventures? Follow Reggie, Sam, and Carlos on some eerie and spine-chilling stories through the neighborhood!

Trick or Treat! Give me some spooky ghost stories to read.
#1 Best Selling Children’s Book Author, Uncle Amon

This book is excellent for reading aloud or at bedtime! Follow these spooky tales with Sam, Carlos, and Reggie and their very unexpected Halloween! These boys will get lost, find adventure, and possibly run into some trouble that they want to avoid! The adventure is awaiting…

This beginning reader’s eBook includes vibrant pictures and text, 20+ adventurous stories, games, puzzles, and a FREE HALLOWEEN COLORING BOOK!

This book:

Contains 20+ spooky stories
Provides hours of entertainment with stories, a coloring book, games, and puzzles
Has a clickable Table of Contents (for easy navigation between your favorite stories

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20+ Halloween Stories (Games, Puzzles, and a Free Halloween Coloring Book) is an excellent book for children looking for some spooky tales to scare their friends with. The easy-to-understand text is great for reading aloud or before bedtime. Beginner readers will enjoy reading the stories aloud with friends!

** 20+ STORIES at the price of just one! **
Why pay the same price for only one story? You get 20+ stories, games, puzzles, and a coloring book!

Story List:
Race to the Haunted House
Inside the Haunted House
The Haunted Piano
Return to the Haunted Piano
A Ghost in the Haunted House
Mr. Fulkerson’s Jack-o-Lanterns
Pumpkin Pie with Grandma
Native American Ghost Story
The Undertaker is a Zombie!
Trapped By the Zombie
The Costume Contest
The Legend of Stingy Jack
Stingy Jack Strikes Again!
Stingy Jack and His Lantern
Sleepy Hollow
Rip Van Winkle
The Haunted Hotel
Spring-heeled Jack
The Monster Mash
The Old Lovers
A Quick Halloween History Lesson
How Halloween Got Started

Guaranteed to give you a good spook!