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Happiness: How to Stop Feeling Depressed, Hopeless, Lonely, Sad and Be Happy by Amber Rain

Live Changing Wisdom on How To Be Happy

Are you ready to discover the secrets to happiness that work? The wisdom found in this book has the power to change your life from being on the edges of depression to smiling again. These are proven methods that work for overcoming sadness and obtaining gladness.

Amber Rain, the author, writes in such a way that you won’t have to waste a lot of your time searching for the excellent content. NO! She writes in a numerical style that will allow you to start applying these principles to your life immediately.

A Few Ideas from The Book On Happiness

1. A wise friend of mine says this to me all of the time: “Have a nice day, unless you’ve made other plans.” Please take a moment to think about that statement and let it soak into your thoughts and attitudes in the present moment. Are you planning on having a nice day today? Are you focused on all of the bad things in life? You really do have the power to change your life through making decisions about how you want your life to be.

2. Have you ever heard that what you focus on grows? If you focus all of your attention on all of the negative things in life, you will eventually begin to feel hopeless and overly discouraged. What are you focusing on in your life, good things or bad things?

3. You’ve heard it said: “Happiness is an inside job.” The word “job” indicates that it takes effort to reach the place of being happy. I share with you the wisdom that has the power to set you on a pathway to having a happier life; all you have to do is apply wisdom. Can you make the decision right now, to really work on being happier?

When you are finished reading these 51 ways to be happier you will:

Have social skills that will help you interact with anyone at any time, even a stranger
Have the wisdom you need in order to get along with others
Understand the importance of having goals and be inspired to accomplish a few
Have gained insight into why you are feeling so sad and how you can counteract those feelings through changing your thinking and behavior patterns
Be inspired to make subtle changes in your life until they become routines that lead to happiness
Learned the most important key to being a happy person
Gained communication skills that will attribute to your happiness
And much, much more…

Plus more ideas here how to be happy from the book:

18. Learn to delegate whenever possible, whether at work or at home. Frequently, you don’t have to do everything yourself. Enlisting the support of family, friends and coworkers can build stronger relationships and decrease your sense of isolation. When you feel as though you are not alone, you will feel better about living.

19. Expectations lead to resentments. If you are expecting someone to act in a particular way, you are just setting yourself up to be irritated. Learn to live by this guideline: “Live and let live.” When you let go of trying to control outcomes, you will be a lot happier. Focus on the things you can change and let go of the things that you cannot.

The wisdom contained in this book will help relieve:
-Fear of the future
-Regrets from the past

There are so many things that affect your happiness:
-Issues of rejection
-Abandonment issues
-People’s attitudes
-Job situations
-Family life
-Daily routines

Inside of the happiness book, you‘ll find all of the life-skills you need for living a much happier life.