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Have You Seen a Monster Dance? (Monster Rhyming Bedtime Stories for AGES 2-6 Years of Age) FREE Coloring Book Included! (Monster Bedtime Stories) by Uncle Amon

Does your child have a fear of monsters or the dark?
#1 Best-Selling Children’s Book Author, Uncle Amon

This book is excellent for beginner readers to read aloud or before bedtime.

Poke fun at these silly monsters in this beautifully illustrated, rhyming picture book.
Have you seen a monster dance?
Would you want to if you got the chance?
Or would you even take a second glance?

Hilarious Rhyming Book
Beautiful “one-of-a-kind” Artwork
Wonderfully crafted to shed a silly light on those “scary” monsters

YOU (and your child) will giggle at this wonderfully crafted rhyming book with marvelous illustrations!
100% Money Back Guarantee


If your child is afraid of monsters, this book will change that quickly! Make bedtime more relaxing and fun. This book strives to poke fun at disgusting monsters and shows them in a fun and adorable way!

PS… Put on your dancing shoes, because you might learn a new step or two!