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How I Taught My Kids to become RESPONSIBLE using simple household chores by Justin Kregger

Do you ever feel like you do all the work around the house? That your kids expect clean clothes to appear in the closet, food to appear in the cupboard, or the house to clean itself?

Have you ever looked up after a big meal to find everyone in your family had disappeared leaving you with the dishes? Or maybe you are beginning to feel like a short order cook or a maid as you work while everyone else is watching television.

You’ve probably experienced frustration at some point when trying to involve your children in chores. Let’s face it, sometimes it’s just easier to do the job yourself and spare the hassle…but what are you doing to your kids?

Today’s parenting involves doing everything possible for your children and making sure they are happy at the expense of actually learning anything new. Are you making your kids more self-sufficient in life?

By not giving our children opportunities to shine on their own, but not showing we trust and believe they can do it, we rob them of the growth opportunities. We rob them of the sense of accomplishment that comes from completing a task once thought impossible. We teach them that they can’t do it. That is truly the saddest part.

This book isn’t about household chores and cleaning. Doing simple house work builds confidence and gets the kids ready for being on their own. When children are given responsibilities, they develop better self-confidence and feel important. You will see how using these extremely simple techniques led to transformational changes in our family!
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