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HOW TO LOSE A DUNLAP BELLY – And See Your Toes Again! (How to lose weight, Exercise, Fitness, Motivation, Health, Inspirational) (Gut R Dun Series) by Dexter Poin

Lose weight! Feel great! No longer procrastinate!

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Well its time to get yourself on the right track and become a healthy, functional, vibrant, better version of you!

A Dunlap belly on most people is a fixable thing. It took a lot of hard work to get it there. And yes it will also take a lot of hard work to reverse it. But it is sooooo worth it!

This book is not going to give you a bunch of fluff and stupid stuff that no one has ever really actually done themselves. I hate fads and do not follow them. In fact I choose to purposely stay far away from fads, especially in the fitness and nutrition industry.

Whats in this book?

Abdominal distention vs visceral fat

Yes there is a difference between the two. Most people don’t even know the causes of a Dunlap belly. This book will easily explain some of them in simple terms.

Many exercises that I, yes I personally utilize myself that help keep the core strong and tight.

Not all abdominal exercises are created equal. Many people are doing the wrong exercises for their specific abdominal needs. Are you trying to make your waist line bigger or smaller?

2 bonus reports entitled Natural diuretics & 10 minute circuit training routines.

These short 10 minute circuits can only be found in this book. I have personally designed these routines so that an individual at any level of fitness can perform them to the best of their abilities.

Get motivated and make a change