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How to Meditate for Beginners: Mindfulness and Other Fun Techniques for People Who Can’t Sit Still and Be Quiet by Amy Scher

This Book Is Designed For People Who Can’t Sit Still for More Than 30 Seconds

There are so many ways to find inner peace and reap the benefits of meditation, without being a monk. Thanks to my severe lack of patience, I’ve figured them out for you and outlined them in this super easy-to-read book.

Learn How To:

• Find the Zen moments you need to rebalance and recharge
• Do simple exercises like Throwing Thoughts, Getting Grounded, and more
• Take 2 minutes a day to change your energy
This Book Will Save You From Suffering Poses. Guaranteed.

No part of your body will be compromised using exercises in this book. If you can breathe (and no, it doesn’t have to be done with your eyes closed), you can learn how to meditate.

More Things You’ll Learn About How To Meditate:

• How easy mindfulness can be and how quickly you can incorporate it in your life
• That you can turn any moment into a meditation
• That meditation has a very loose definition which may not be what you thought it was
Read Case Studies Of How I’ve Helped Other Beginners Learn to Meditate

I was a meditation hater! I couldn’t sit still for any time at all. Then Amy taught me that I didn’t have to sit still, and I finally felt like I could be one of those people who walked around calm despite their hectic lives. And I am. I can take two minutes and change my mood without having to listen to an audio recording or read a book now!

I spent a lot of time practicing yoga, and while I love it to calm and balance me, I just don’t have time these days. The techniques Amy uses are so easy, but they work! I feel like since practicing these, I can even sit still and be quiet now.

This book is like a shortcut to finding inner peace in the moments you have between carpool and dinner. I love how there are so many different exercises to choose from and they are simple – I don’t need to keep looking back at the book when I want to use one!
Why the Author Can Help You

Even after living in India, I just couldn’t sit still and be quiet like everyone else around me could. I still wanted the benefits of meditation though so I decided to explore some non-traditional options. I’ve finally narrowed them down to my favorites and shared them in this book.

As an expert in mind-body-spirit healing, I definitely know the importance of releasing stress and finding inner peace; but learned it doesn’t have to be in a boxed up way.