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How to Set Up Photography Lighting for a Home Studio by Amber Richards

How to Set Up Photography Lighting for a Home Studio is an eBook that descriptively details subjects related to a basic photo studio setup in the comfort of your home. It contains information about how to use continuous studio lighting, and how to use strobe lighting photography as well techniques that enable users to control the lighting as they wish. Having a controlled environment makes for beautiful photos, and gives options for creativity as well.

This eBook also contains information about home photography studio setup and discusses how the photographer can make adjustments to create the best blend of lighting and colors. Finally, it also gives knowledge about the proper set-up and storage of the equipment to maximize the useful life. In a nutshell, this is everything that a beginning photographer needs to understand how to setup your own photography studio at home. Get your copy now.

About the Author:
I love writing on a variety of topics for home, family and children’s books. I’ve raised two sons, grown now and have 4 beautiful grandchildren and currently work a day job as a full time nanny to an adorable little boy, who has inspired several of my children’s books.

I’ve been an avid organic gardener for many years, including having my own dried floral business. I grew unusual, cool plants that I used in this endeavor.

I have a strong creative bent in life and find if I’m not creating something, and learning new things really at all times, I feel like something in me begins to shrivel up.

Writing helps me share many of these passions I’ve learned along this life journey. My hope is that it is a blessing to all who read my books.