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How To Supervise: What Your Boss Never Told You Before You Took The Job: The Step-By-Step Guide For New (And Seasoned) Managers by Dianne Shaddock

Your Boss Thinks That You Have The Leadership Skills To Manage Your Employees

It’s true… Your boss expects you to be adept at everything from hiring cracker-jack employees to keeping the peace in the workplace.

But the truth is, managing employees effectively and with confidence is a learned skill.

And just how do you learn how to supervise people, or master employee hiring and management best practices, if no one has guided and mentored you along the way?

Most people quite frankly are hired into leadership positions because of their technical experience. Because they’re bright. Because they are take charge people who make things happen.

But that doesn’t mean that you can automatically navigate the sometimes murky waters of supervising a staff of employees – especially if no one has guided and mentored you along the way.

This information-packed employee hiring and management reference guide, highlights the strategies that will help you to manage your employees with confidence.

If you are…

• Consumed with dread when faced with addressing a performance issue with your employee…

• Feel lost or uncertain about best management practices when it comes to hiring the right candidate the first time, managing employee morale, or the annual review process for your staff…

Then this step-by-step guide is for you. It doesn’t matter that you are a new supervisor, or an experienced supervisor.

You’ll learn how to:

• Master the art of difficult employee conversations, regardless of the issue using the “Employee Problem Solving Formula” ©

• Develop the strategies that will help you to hire the best person for your job the first time, (instead of using your “gut” to make hiring decisions)

• Navigate the awkward position of managing employees that you’ve inherited from a former manager

• Motivate and engage your employees which increases productivity

• Quickly determine when you need to fire employees – and the best way to do it

• Gain your employees’ respect

And much more!

“How to Supervise…:” shares strategies that are direct, straightforward, and easy to implement in today’s workplace. No fluff, or confusing HR jargon.

Whether you’re a new manager, or you’ve been around the employee management block a few times, it’s the “How To Manage” leadership reference guide that you are sure to refer to again and again.

What others are saying…

Dianne expertly guides managers in resolving pressing issues as well as preventing potential ones. Her, easy to implement, no-nonsense approach to workplace challenges and crisp delivery of proven strategies for dealing with workplace problems while optimizing individual and group performance is a valuable addition to any manager’s toolkit.

Asher Adelman
Eboss Watch.com

This book is a wealth of knowledge for anyone who leads or supervises employees. “How to Supervise” outlines obstacles which managers are faced with everyday and details how to overcome them, to provide for a healthy workplace. Dianne uses hypothetical situations to create real-life situations in which the employer is walked through step-by-step how to address specific issues. From hiring and managing to keeping employees engaged, How to Supervise is a must read for any manager!

Tomeeka Farrington,
Principal, Spotlight Communications