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I Want To Eat That! 52 Delicious Gluten Free Vegetarian Recipes for Weight Loss by Tora Cullip

The Most Delicious Way on Earth to Lose Weight and Feel Great

You’re about to discover 52 mouth-watering recipes that will help you burn fat and stay healthy

In this book, you’ll learn…

How to Make Healthy Fat-Burning Smoothies that Actually Taste Great

If you’ve had a few “healthy smoothies” before, you’ve probably had a few too many that tasted awful. But not anymore! In this book, you’ll discover Donna and Tora’s best and most delicious healthy smoothie recipes that will help you boost your metabolism, stay fuller longer and have more energy. It’ll be your favorite meal of the day!

Delicious Desserts That are Actually Good for You!

Muffins, crepes and truffles are supposed to be special treats only reserved for once a month, right? Not anymore! With these delicious, healthy dessert recipes, you can indulge in a tasty treat whenever you want, without the guilt, fuss or weight gain from processed foods or typical dessert recipes that are loaded with excess fat and sugar.

About The Authors

Hi! We’re Donna and Tora, Body Confidence Coaches and Authors of I Want What She’s Having, Now!

We have over thirty years’ experience in health coaching, fitness, behavioural change and counselling, as well as our own personal experience battling obesity and anorexia.

Donna used to be five stone (70lbs/32kgs) overweight and Tora weighed just under six stone (81lb/38kgs) due to an eating disorder.

We both had many disordered beliefs about food and ourselves, until we learnt how to manage our weight by changing our mindset, living a healthy lifestyle and finding our personal motivation to stay slim and happy.

We have both managed to maintain our ideal healthy weights for more than 15 years, and we now have a simple mission: to help you have the weight you want and a life you love through healthy habits, a joyful relationship with food and self love, rather than fad diets, deprivation and self-loathing.

We hope the delicious and healthy recipes in I Want To Eat That! will inspire you to try some new dishes and upgrade your healthy lifestyle, one recipe at a time!