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Join the Top 1% of all eBook Authors: For those who write, market, and sell eBooks

Do you aspire to join the Top 1% of all eBook Authors? Then learn from an author who has done it.
The first step is joining the Top 1% by touching it briefly, and the second step is staying there. In this book, you will learn what it really takes to join the Top 1%.
Time needed: You will learn how long it REALLY takes to join the Top 1%, and how to progress faster.
Hole in One Theory: Do some authors become successful on their first book? Learn why this theory is flawed, and why believing in it can cause you to fail.
Conquer Time: If you lose your watch, it can be replaced. If you lose time, it can never be replaced. Banish procrastination through time saving techniques.
Writing process: Writing processes help build habit patterns and save time. Learn how to create a writing process that will help you write more and write better.
Learn the writing craft: You will learn to improve your writing skills through a unique apprenticeship program.
Keeping records: Work records motivate a writer. Learn what records to keep, and learn how to keep them.

The author has drawn on his expertise in motivation and time saving techniques to touch the Top 1%, and these are the methods he used.

Note: The author does almost no marketing, so there are no marketing methods in this book. You won’t need them to Join the Top 1%!