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Jonah: God’s Timing is Everything by Josh Austin

This is the story of a Jonah, with reference to the King James Holy Bible, 1611.

Jonah was a servant of God and a prophet, known for his prophecies to King Jeroboam II and the Assyrian city of Ninevah.

In this book you will learn:
– Where was Jonah born?
– Why did Jonah plan a trip to Spain?
– How did Jonah end up in the Mediterranean ocean?
– Why did the Assyrians find Jonah’s prophecy compelling?
– Why did Jonah desire the destruction of Ninevah?
– What is the significance of repentance?
– Why was Jonah disobedient to God’s word?

You will be able to answer these questions after reading through this concise book. You will also be able to apply many of the lessons we learn from Jonah in your life today.

This is a concise book and will less than an hour of your time to read: may your life be blessed in even the smallest way!

Thank you for your interest in this content.