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Joseph: Son of Israel, Ruler of Egypt by Josh Austin

This is the story of Joseph, son of Israel and ruler of Egypt, with reference to the King James Holy Bible, 1611.

Joseph’s story deserves more credit than the focus on his colorful coat; he was a man of unapologetic faith and obedience to God. Without Joseph connecting the lives of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to Moses, we would likely not be able to witness the existence of God’s people today.

In this book you will learn:
– Why was Joseph sold into slavery by his brothers?
– How did Joseph manage to become the ruler of Egypt?
– Why was Joseph accused of having an affair with his master’s wife?
– How long did Joseph spend in prison?
– How did Joseph save God’s people from death?
– Why did Joseph receive a double blessing from Israel?
– Where is Joseph buried today?

You will be able to answer these questions after reading through this concise book. Perhaps this book will refresh your memory or perhaps this will be the first time that you familiarize yourself with Joseph’s story; may your life be blessed in even the smallest way!

In this book you will also learn to distinguish between the true story and the musical play and how these differences are usually the strategies which the enemy uses to conceal God’s greatest lessons and miracles.

Thank you for your interest in this content.