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Junior Ghost Hunters – Case of the Chadwick Ghost by Sam Grasdin

“Hello… are there any ghosts here?”

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HAVE YOU EVER wondered why no one that claims to have seen a ghost ever has any evidence of it? You know – some pictures or a video from their cellphone? It’s the same with UFO’s. There are all these blurry pictures of weird objects in the sky that could be an alien space ship or it could be a toaster. It’s tough to tell.

I’m Nathaniel Parker and I think about these things. A lot. I asked my dad once why he thought there wasn’t any clear pictures of ghosts. You know what he said?

“Maybe ghosts are just blurry, Natty.” My dad said. Then, he cracked up like he’d said the funniest thing ever. That’s my dad, a real comedian.

My friends call me Nate. I’m 12 years old and I’m kind of a nerd. I mean, I like science and stuff, and I read a lot of comic books. If you read comic books, you know why science is so cool. Most of the superheroes out there got to be super thanks to science. Take Spiderman for instance. He got bit by this genetically altered spider and woke up with spider powers. How cool would that be?

Anyway, the point that I was trying to make about ghosts is, that the reason that no one has been able to capture any really good images yet is because the only people who see them are a group of kids going into a haunted house on a dare. They are probably trying to take a picture while they are running away and screaming. That got me thinking about what I would do if I saw a ghost. I’d like to think that I’d walk right up and try to shake its hand but I guess I won’t know the answer until I actually see one. But that could be sooner than you think…..