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Kathleen’s Kid Inventor Club How 4 Young Children Solved Their Fears and Met Their Goals (Kathleen’s Little Guides)

Kathleen's Kid Inventor Club

A bully, an overweight boy, a fearful girl, and a smart girl needing another project solve their challenges with inventions.

Kathleen’s Kid Inventor Club is an ideal book for parents, grandparents, teachers, and elementary school readers to store in their eReaders. As educators and caretakers we are all too aware of bullying at all ages. There are many ways to handle this. This is just one idea to expose our little ones to a possible solution.

In addition, young readers may see other challenges they or their peers could be going through. Julie, in the book, is a very smart girl but she’s so afraid of making mistakes. Freddy is overweight. Read how he resolves this hurtful condition. Kathleen invents two solutions to make her life easier. And then there’s the bully, Mean Max.

Life offers us many surprises, some good and some bad. Mean Max is a combination of both but we learn that challenges have answers.

There are many colorful pictures, four lovable characters, and several ideas for future young scientists.

Teachers and parents will find good vocabulary and ethical concepts. The young readers will find four kids, including the bully, who have it within themselves to become different persons, all part of growing up.

Kathleen, the main character in this series, is indeed real. The main ideas are hers and her real friends are her characters.

This is the second book in the Little Kathleen Guides (Series). It is written for comprehension at a 3rd grade reading level and has learning concepts throughout the book.

Add another Little Kathleen Guides book to your collection today.