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KDP Select FREE DAYS: A Guide to KDP Free Promo – Indie Author Promo Tips by Kim Hornsby

Learn how to navigate through Free Days on Amazon Select

Ever wondered how some free books rocket to the top of the free lists while others get stuck at the bottom? Advertising plays a big part in a free promotion’s success. Amazon Bestselling Author, Kim Hornsby, walks you through the steps to enroll in KDP SELECT and explains how to benefit from a FREE promotion.

This guide includes a list of over 50 advertising sites, including links to blogs and sites with more places to submit free ads to get your book in front of readers. Many of these sites will work for discounted books too.

Giving your book away for five days every 3 months can be the difference between making it or breaking it for new authors who are just beginning to build a following.

GOING FREE? Isn’t it worth the price to get some free ads in place to showcase your masterpiece?
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