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Learning to Survive in Minecraft: How to Play Guide and Secrets to Minecraft by Steve Walker

Take A Peek Inside Minecraft!

If you’ve always wondered how to go about playing Minecraft, this Book is for you. A game that is loved by all, Minecraft is as complex and as easy as its graphic design makes it out to be.

Initially launched in 2009, Minecraft has a huge fan following and has garnered the attention of millions of players. Nonetheless, every game has certain challenges and if you’re new to Minecraft, you might find the game play rather tough.

However, with the help of this Book, you’ll be able to:

* Understand the basics of Minecraft.

* Understand how to build in Minecraft.

* Learn tips and tricks that you can apply to the game.

* Learn secrets about Minecraft.

This Book contains useful tips and tricks on building and helps one understand the 4 basics of crafting, smelting, brewing and enchanting. With a special section that defines the whole building process out to you, you’re sure to learn something of use with the help of this Book.

Minecraft has various versions. It was released for the PC in 2009 but the huge success it garnered soon had it releasing a version for the iOS in 2011 and the Xbox 360 by 2012 with other versions for Minecraft being released for the Android and iOS tablets by 2013 as well.

Nonetheless, this Book deals with the PC version only so if you’re looking for an Book suited for those versions, you’ll have to look ahead. However, the tips and tricks we’ve included in this Book can be applicable to your Minecraft, regardless of the version you have at hand.

Whether you’re just starting out or want to understand the game better, take a closer look at Minecraft with the help of this Book. You’ll soon gain a better understanding of why so many people are obsessed with Minecraft.

Be careful though, you might just get addicted too!